Who It Is That We Are Seeking?

Only works written by a single author will be considered (not company content teams). We give more weight to information that comes from producers and active social media marketers that have in-depth expertise rather than those who have a basic basis of understanding regarding internet marketing.

You must demonstrate a track record of creating articles that are both informative and strategic.

Your writing should be able to demonstrate that you can give unique and tactical insights based upon your hands-on expertise; pieces that offer lessons on tools, step-by-step how-tos for using platform features, walkthroughs for executing strategies, etc. are all good examples of this.

General Guidelines

  1. The point should be delivered straightforwardly and succinctly.
  2. Articles should not be rants against individuals or organizations, and they should not contain such rants; instead, issues should be addressed and analyzed. Ad hominem attacks should be avoided in articles; instead, the attention should be on the argument, not the individual.
  3. Before submitting your work, make sure that your grammar and spelling are correct. An article that is full of errors creates additional work for our copy editors.
  4. You are required to reference all of your data and quotes. No article that is based on source information that cannot be validated will be published. If the source cannot be disclosed, then the decision to do so should be rethought.
  5. Please keep it to a minimum of words if at all possible.


  1. Please give us plain-text drafts whenever it is practicable to do so. When you send us your draft in a format that isn’t.pdf or one of the other common file types, it makes our job significantly more difficult.
  2. Spell words using the British method.
  3. Put any quotes that are longer than three lines into a single indentation.
  4. When you quote from a source, you should identify the source and also offer a hyperlink to the source if it is available online.
  5. The first time an abbreviation appears, regardless of how prevalent it is, it must be expanded into its full form.
  6. JPEG, PNG, and GIF file types are all acceptable for usage with images. There should be no copyright restrictions on images.
  7. You are required to include a caption for every table and picture that is included in the article.

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