Driving tests can be stressful for learner drivers. The driving test requires you to prove to the testing officer that your driving skills are excellent in real traffic. It is difficult to remember all of this.

Then You Will Find Out That You Also Need To Provide The Vehicle For Your Driving Test

Many learner drivers don’t have their car or a spare vehicle that is available for them to use when they need it. It’s often a “knockabout”, a functional vehicle that can get them from one place to another, but not a prize for quality or reliability.

In both cases, you are borrowing a vehicle from someone else or using one with questionable roadworthiness. You are at the mercy and risk of someone else letting you use their car. The condition of the car will also determine whether you can pass the driving test.

There are many problems you could encounter during your driving test. You could encounter problems with your car, delays due to your schedules not aligning perfectly, cancellations at the last minute, or other issues.

We’ll be discussing some reasons to book your driving instructor’s car for test day. This will help you avoid potential problems and make you more successful during the test.

Book Your Driving Test At A Convenient Time For You

The first step to preparing for your driving test preparation is to book a time and date at the local testing centre. Remember that you are responsible for organizing a car.

Many learner drivers opt to use a vehicle owned by a parent or friend to pass their driving exam. Parents may encourage their children to use their vehicles. Sometimes, friends may offer their car. You will have to arrange the use your vehicle around their schedules. This can limit your ability to take the test at a time and place that is most convenient for you.

If you have taken driving lessons in Canberra before, they may have mentioned that many driving instructors will rent out their cars to learner drivers.

You don’t need to worry about scheduling your driving test and coordinating with other people’s cars.

Before and after the test: Transporting the vehicle

You’ve booked your driving exam, and you have a vehicle to test on the day, so you’re mentally ready.

Are You Sure That The Vehicle Will Pass Your Driving Test?

If you are using a vehicle owned by a friend or parent, they will need to be with you for the entire test day. Even if it is just to drive you back and forth. You will need to meet your driving instructor at a licensed licensing centre (or another suitable venue in your state) for your driving test. This is not like the lessons that preceded this.

You must remember that the test is not valid until you pass it. If you fail, you will be prohibited from driving home without a licensed driver.

You can book your driving instructor’s car to test on test day. They will deliver the car to you and meet you at your designated testing location. This provides you with one less thing to worry about and gives you the peace of mind that you will have a vehicle at your test location.