Do you need to look for a professional photographer, especially when you have a smartphone equipped with advanced cameras to handle your small business photograph projects? The smartphone is suitable for candid, casual shots, but when we are discussing a brand that needs to shine, hiring a professional photographer is a sensible thing.

Lisa Saad is a Melbourne-based commercial photographer with more than 30 years of experience. Her phenomenal photography career can be evaluated in her Project 11 Collection and the Anonymous Man series. Professional photography may seem expensive but the image quality offers great ROI.


Why hire a professional photographer for commercial photography?

Helps in branding

Outdated or poor photos or stock images can damage your business. With proprietary photos to communicate helps to reveal how invaluable and unique your products or services are. Good photography will help consumers truly get an idea of what is offered by your brand.

Helps to convey the brand message

With the competition level, your business needs to promote a high-quality, personalized brand. Lisa Saad Photographer is familiar with what your consumers need and offers insights and ideas to enhance your product images. The images convey your brand message. Photos display the brand identity, values, and experience.

Offer long-lasting marketing assets

You can reuse or repurpose great images for multiple different applications. These long-lasting assets can be used to add something new to your marketing collateral or build an image library on social media. A professional photographer creates HD images that turn into long-term marketing assets.

Helps to increase conversions

First impression matters, which is available through personal branding photography. It helps to grab consumers’ attention to your brand. Consumers gain a better insight into your products or services with professional HD images. It allows for building trust, which can increase the potential for increasing sales.


When to hire a professional photographer rather than use a smartphone?

Team headshots

The professional photographer makes sure that every headshot is consistent right from the chosen background to the lighting used to the resolution and size of every shot.

Website images

Professional photographs displayed on your websites instill an impression on visitors. Low-quality photographs are not attention-grabbers and consumers may leave your website and move to your competitors. New and seasoned business owners must invest in professional photography for their websites.

Marketing collateral

Annual reports, catalogs, and brochures need high-resolution photos as it helps to build trust and legitimacy. Memorable photos compellingly convey a brand message, just like you want your brand to create.

Corporate events

Businesses are well aware that corporate events involve lots of money, time, and effort. Invest a little more to capture photography compellingly. The photographs captured during the corporate parties and events showcase your brand as an engaged and relevant community partner.

A picture speaks a thousand words, so photos are an invaluable component of communication in marketing. You can get the same level of impact with verbal and written methods.

You can contact Lisa Saad for illustrative works or corporate campaigns. Follow her on Instagram to stay updated about her upcoming exhibitions and new collections.