The online business operating process is evolving as technology moves faster. It is becoming more innovative, efficient, and customer-centric. For an online business to endure and boom, website availability is a must.

Website availability even impacts business credibility and reliability. According to a survey, 9% of visitors abandon inaccessible websites. Downtimes can go unnoticed, which can make your business lose potential prospects and revenue. It can even tarnish your brand reputation on social media with a single mention from unsatisfied visitors. 

Just having an aesthetic and functional website with engaging content is not sufficient. To keep up the online business pace, you need to work with an uptime website monitoring tool. It ensures that your site is always running and, in case of downtimes, sends an alert. 

Benefits of website performance monitoring tool for business success

Avoid loss of leads and sales

Every business website has some inbuilt transactional element. It can be a submission form, a booking, or a sale. Website outages can significantly impact conversions or specific actions. How much the outage will impact conversion is based on the downtime period and traffic volume. 

A website receiving low traffic volume goes down for a short time will experience no or little volatility in the conversion rates. On the other hand, for a giant eCommerce site like Amazon, a small downtime period can turn out to be extremely expensive. 

Search ranking maintenance

SEO is crucial for digital marketing and businesses have their web pages optimized for relevant keywords. Several factors determine the ranking and bounce rate is one of them. If users instantly bounce away from your website, Google gets a signal that your site offers a poor user experience or is irrelevant. 

The frequency of bounce rate can damage your ranking and SEO. Downtime can hinder the page loading speed and visitors bounce away, which declines search ranking. 

Protects brand image

Maintaining a consistent and strong brand image is essential in the rough and tough digital competitive space. The website gives a face to your brand and if visitors encounter a 404 error page on their first visit, a negative opinion about your brand is formed. Multiple factors contribute to brand image formation but the most influencing one is customer satisfaction. 

If customer often finds inaccessibility to your website they feel dissatisfied and frustrated. They lose trust in your website and ultimately your brand. Using a web performance monitoring tool will help to protect the brand image. With downtime alerts, you can troubleshoot and reduce the extent of customer disappointment.

Better cybersecurity 

Cyberattack cases are escalating and are a huge challenge online businesses are experiencing. Data security tops the list of priorities. Every business needs to take proactive steps in preventing data breaches or stay prepared for government penalties.

Uptime web monitoring tools alert you the moment site goes offline. This unexpected downtime can be because of a cyberattack, thus you can deal with the threat efficiently and reduce the response time.