Oil paintings are antique items. Western art is closely linked to oil painting, and it spans both ancient and modern ages. These works of art frequently depict sophisticated civilisation and related issues. Oil painting is the most popular gift choice among artists all around the world throughout the holiday season. It has a wide range of applications and a high level of durability, allowing works of art to last for many years.

The purpose behind people purchasing artworks is to express their fashionable modern ideas and to provide a change of status to their homes. Some homeowners purchase arts based on their tastes, and these paintings are adored all over the world as one of the immense beauties.

With the innovation of online shopping, a slew of online art galleries has sprung up all over the internet. Art lovers are taking full use of this medium, and they aren’t required to enter a street room to obtain any masterpiece. They can view the most popular work of art with the use of their computer anywhere and anytime of the day.

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Reasons for Oil Painting Popularity 

  • In the 15th century, oil paintings became popular among Italian Renaissance artists. During the Renaissance, the use of canvasses became popular as well.
  • An oil painting can be created using a variety of techniques, including Alla Prima, Glazing, Underpainting, and Pentimento. The artist purposefully uses thick layers of paint to make the appearance of bristles obvious.
  • To speed up drying, traditional oil painters recommend using the “Fat over lean” approach where a small amount of oil is applied to the subsequent layers and then on certain substrates, the paint dries to a fine finish. 
  • Instead of acrylic paint painters prefer oil paint since it uses linseed oil as a natural dryer or various drying oils, such as safflower, poppy seed, or vegetable oil, are also used. Linseed oil dries faster, allowing the painter to make changes to the paint layer if necessary and it does not emit fumes or a chemical odour as it dries.
  • Artists previously used egg tempera to create their arts. Nowadays, there are numerous different brands of student-grade and artist-grade oil paints available and all of them are thick and creamy and available in high-quality paint tubes. 
  • Maintaining an oil painting requires keeping it in a non-humid environment and varnishing it. A painting will last for at least 10-50 years even if it is not cleaned properly. 
  • Oils take time to dry, therefore artists can make changes to their paintings as it’s being created. This feature of oil painting appeals to several painters as it provides them with more time to work on their paintings.

Paint is still one of the most popular forms of the artistic medium today. Oil paintings are here to stay because of the enormous range of colours, layering potential, ease of use, and portability of the medium.